September 18, 2023
Features & Functionality

Welcome to the New Classify Learning

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Taking a quick moment to announce our branding change and talk about some exciting things to look forward to throughout the upcoming school year and beyond.

Welcome to the New Classify Learning

We have been working hard behind the scenes getting ready for to release our rebrand. It might have taken a little longer than we anticipated, but we are excited to finally reveal our new look and feel. It may take us some time to fully roll this out to all areas of our app, but we should complete our full brand rollout over the next week or two.

While the rebrand is exciting news, lets chat about some of the upcoming changes you can expect for this school year:

Enhanced Grading for Speed

We reviewed the process for grading larger tests or multiple questions within a test that required grading. We wanted to make it even easier to grade large amounts of answers with our excel-like grading view, multiple select response option for mass grading and few more helpful tools to make grading quick and easy!

Confidence Scoring for Assessments

This is something we might have mentioned before, but we wanted to bring this up again to remind our customers that confidence scoring is another metric that can be collected at the end of an assessment. (can be a benchmark assessment or regular quiz/test) We created the ability to ask students how confident they are with the answers they provided. There are a number of configuration options that can be applied to our confidence scoring options.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We are finally able to roll out the BETA version of our LMS to customers who want to try it. This will be 100% free for this school year if you want to review all the features and functionality within our LMS that can help your teachers with in-class activities. This includes so many new features such as an internal grade book, custom grading scales and weighted grading categories.

Bubble Scanning Announcement

While we have provided bubble scanning within the platform before, we have an exciting announcement that we will be talking about at the end of this week! But for this school year, we can provide your teachers with the ability to give an offline test that can be scanned in with digital results!

Guardian/Parent Portal (coming soon)

Since we built out our LMS functionality, we have been working on functionality to allow parents and guardians the ability to log in to the app to review student activity scores and benchmark assessment results. We will be rolling this out with a few clients this year, but it will be available in full release by next school year.

We couldn't be more excited to rollout our new branding and all of these new features to our clients. We will be talking about each of these features in coming weeks/month in much greater detail. If you have any questions about these new features and how they can help your staff, please reach out to us at or through our contact form.