January 16, 2024
Features & Functionality

Announcing the PaperScorer Beta Program

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We are announcing our PaperScorer beta application for any users that are interested. We have been working hard to dive into current functionality and how to improve it for the next version of PaperScorer.

Again, we are excited to finally be able to announce the beta version of our popular teacher application. During the beta program, we are going to be giving away all PRO features for free until the end of the beta. (we will talk more about the timeline and technical details a little bit later) We are really looking to get feedback from our community to see what has worked in the past and what is working going into the future of PaperScorer.

So what is the new PaperScorer going to look like? Well, first and foremost, we have a new logo! We really want to modernize the overall look and feel of PaperScorer, and what better way to do that than with a new logo. But lets take a few look at the student management page of the app:

As you can see from the screenshot above, we really wanted to focus on a clean interface that made it super easy to navigate for teachers. Teachers will be able to see all their students from a single view. They will also get some important details about the different classes a student belongs to and what assessments they took. Previously, a student need to be imported multiple times for each class they were rostered to. Now, you can have a student go across multiple classes and track multiple assessments.

Next, let's look at the new reporting that we built for the new version of PaperScorer. We wanted to make sure we included some key reporting metrics within the new application, such as; performance bands, standards and tagging. Check out the screenshot below to see the all new revamped reporting:

As you can see from the reporting view, we are looking to pack a ton of information into our main reporting view for teachers. As the beta goes on, we are going to add more reports for our teacher. We are working on the item analysis report right now to provide an item-by-item breakdown of how students performed on an assessment. One more thing to note about reports, a teacher can export all data they collected on an assessment to evaluate in an external application.

While this only covers a couple interesting things about the new applications, there are so many other features for teachers to checkout:

  • Classroom Management
  • Bulk Student Import
  • Multiple Question Types (writing, number responses)
  • Custom Performance Bands
  • Bulk Upload Scanned Assessments
  • ... and much more ...

Let's talk about the tentative schedule for the beta program. (subject to change)

  • January 15th - Beta program opens for all users. (100% FREE)
  • June 30th - Beta program ends for all users.
  • July 1st - Launch full version of new PaperScorer application.
  • July 1st - Move Legacy PaperScorer application into maintenance mode.

Any data collected during the beta period will still be accessible after the beta period has ended. However, all basic teacher account will have the normal restrictions applied. After the beta, teachers will be able to upgrade their account to a PRO account at any time. We will have some more information coming out around pricing in the near future. So stay tuned for that...

Click here to sign up for a beta application account.

If there are any questions about the beta program or you have feedback for the beta program, please reach out to hi@paperscorer.com