June 27, 2021
Features & Functionality

Math Equation Generator is Now Live

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With our new math equation generator, teachers can create a unique math question that will change the equation on a per-student basis. Our partner, Learnosity, made it really easy to generate this question type right from the Classify Learning platform.

Meet the newest member of our item type family…the Math Question Generator! The Math Question Generator is a great tool for math question authors looking to create one single question with dynamic parameters. In simpler terms, that means you can create one question for an assessment, but each student will have different numbers. And the best part… Classify Learning’s engine will score all student answers automatically!

We do the math behind the scenes to know the correct answer to each possible question that is generated. It’s a math teacher dream come true! Gone are the days of having to give students multiple versions of a test! Yes, we hear the angelic music in the background, too.

Math Question Generator Teacher View
Teacher creation view.

Math Equation Editor Student A View
Student A view.

Math Equation Editor Student B View
Student B view.

Creating the item is a quick, four-step process:

Step 1: Enter your parameters
These are the variables that represent the numbers that will appear in your math problem. You define which numbers you want to be used when questions are generated.

Math Question Generator Step 1

Step 2: Create your Expression
In this step, you create your mathematical expression using the parameters you created in Step 1. Then, you create the question you want students to answer.

Math Question Generator Step 2

Step 3: Select the Answer Format
Select which format you wish the students to respond in (i.e do you want them to factor, expand the expression, etc).

Math Question Generator Step 3

Step 4: Generate the Possible Expressions
This is where you will love having Classify Learning’s assessment engine do all the work. You will see all the possible expressions that can be given to students and decide which you want to keep. It’s that easy!

Math Question Generator Step 4

Show our new Math Question Generator item type some love and create one for yourself today!