Next Level Reporting on your Data

Get valuable information about your data. Analyze using our powerful reporting tools, or export to your own data warehouse.

Serving 375+ Schools with 250,000+ Students

Overview Reports: Standards-Based Analysis

Admins and teachers can look at the overall performance on a particular assessment or assignment. District-level users can have a view of the entire district with the ability to drill down to site or course sections.

Our overview reports allow users to quickly and easily get at the metrics that matter most to them. At Classify Learning, we are constantly trying to improve our pre-built reports to help our users make informed decisions.

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Unbeatable Features for Educators

Basic Response

Traditional single select radio to multi select checkboxes.

Long & Short Text

Auto scored short text or rubric graded essay responses

Math Equations

Allow complex math equations to be entered during testing.

Graphing & Plotting

Plot points or generate an entire line within a graph.

Confidence Scoring

Understand how students feel about the test material.

Live Proctoring

Real-time data reporting during an assessment.

Activity Feed

Assign activities through a class activity feed.


Score class activities and export the scoring data

GoodData Report. Powerful BI Tool for Your Data.

“Powerful analytics that goes beyond your organization. All you need for successful analytics… and then some.” – gooddata.com

Classify Learning has a deep integration with GoodData. We wanted to give our customers a central location to store important data and report on it.

This solution is a great way import external data such as state data, demographic data and so much more. Our customers are completely in control of how their reports look and interact with each data container.

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API Access to Your Assessment Data

Classify Learning allows users to manage their own API key to get access to assessment data. Through this permission-based feature, a user could plug in their API key to Google Data Studio or a district’s own data warehouse to extract data out of Classify Learning.

Because keys are tied directly to a user, they will only be able to retrieve data they have access to see.Just like our reporting, we are always looking for ways to expand our API functionality. We know that each customer has unique needs and unique ways to report on data.

Through our collaborative efforts, we continue to improve upon API endpoints that are available through our platform.

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Unlock the Power of Assessments with Classify Learning

Maximize your students' potential with Classify Learning's assessment platform. Create and administer customized assessments tailored to meet the unique needs of your students.

50+ Item Types Available

With so many item types, you and your teachers can create any type of question. If you can think it, you can build it within Classify Learning.

Tech Enhanced Items

Classify Learning has a number of technology enhanced items to really challenge students in new and creative ways during testing.

ItemBank Integrations

We work with some of the largest ItemBank providers. Our platform is capable of rendering items from any Learnosity-enabled bank.

Mirror State Testing Items

Need your students to practice a state test? Classify Learning can mirror any state test to give your students valuable practice time.