March 9, 2020
Features & Functionality

The Power of Formative

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Learn about one of the most powerful tools that Classify Learning has to offer. We built a tool to give teachers live, in-the-moment data to make real time decisions when it matters most. Check out all the interesting features we have to offer with our Live Proctoring tool.

One of the most powerful tools at Classify Learning is our formative, in-the moment tool called Live Proctoring. This allows a teacher to get real-time information from the test or lesson. This real time information could be used to identify a common problem throughout all the participants. Or the information could be used to identify a teachable moment. In this article, we will discuss all the tools that are available to achieve some of the common goals around formative assessments, formative teaching moments, and live proctoring in general.


Our live proctoring dashboard is a quick glance at the overall health of the assessment. At first glance, there appears to be an overwhelming amount of information. But as we break down each area of the dashboard, we start to uncover just how powerful the information is container within the dashboard. The dashboard is broken down into a few different parts; the header report block, the sidenav black, and the main tiles block.

Live proctoring dash board view.

The header block contains a question by question analysis on the status of each question. As students answer questions within the assessment, the correctness value will fill into the bar charts. Each color within the chart represents information the teacher can use to understand what is going on within each question; green – correct, yellow – partially correct, red – incorrect, blue – scoring needed. The line going through the middle is calculating the average time spent on each of the questions. Finally, the left side of the header contains a pie chart which is a status report for the assessment participants. The above images shows a green circle which means all participants have finished the assessment. (green – completed, yellow – paused, blue – in progress, grey – not started)

Just below the header is the side nav block. In its default state, it will will show a list of students with the dashboard option selected. A teacher can see details about an individual student by clicking on a particular student. If the teacher wants to see a similar very for a single questions, they can click on the questions tab and then the individual question. Each list view, student and question, contains a number of options for each element. Check out the lists below to see everything a teacher can do from each view.

Student List Options

  • Pause Assessment
  • Resume Assessment
  • Finish Assessment
  • Reopen Assessment
  • Manage Tools(Accommodations)
  • Question List Options

Set for Pacing

  • View Question Details
  • View Breakdown (auto-scored only)
  • Mass Fill for Scoring

Assessment Options

  • Pause Entire Assessment
  • Resume Entire Assessment
  • Force Finish Entire Assessment
  • Enable Pacing Mode

Again, the dashboard has a ton of information packed into a small space. A teacher gets a horizontal(student) view and vertical(question) view of the entire assessment. Teachers can quickly and easily see trends at the student level or at the question level. In the above screenshot, a teacher could quickly tell that question 5 and question 7 were causing some trouble for the group of students. In that moment, a teach could pause the assessment for all participants and start a conversation with the students.

Core Functionality

Moving on past the dashboard, there is a lot of functionality available within the Live Proctoring app. Functionality ranges from taking control over some or all of the students testing experience to gamification options to throw a little fun into your classroom.

From the bottom of the pull out menu, there are a number of administration wide options that will help a teacher control the overall status of an assessment. Some of the very basic options include switching to a different administration within the current assessment or switching to the large administration view. (large administration is 100+ participants) Other options within this section include; pause, resume, and finish. Once one of these options are selected, it will send a message out to each participant. Depending on which option is selected, the participants screen will move to the corresponding page displaying a message to the student.

The access code options are similar to the access code options on the administration list screen/view. These will give the teacher a few controls over the access code when it comes to displaying, copying, resetting, or disabling the code.

Another cool feature that we have to offer is our Answer Hide Mode. This will still show correctness, but it will hide the actual answer value from the screen. This is a great feature to show that feedback to student through a projector.

Answer hide mode enabled.

Answer hide mode disabled.

Taking the answer hide mode one step further, Classify Learning added an Answer Reveal Mode. This mode will completely hide the correctness color and the answer value until the teacher is ready for those values to be revealed. This feature goes perfectly on a projector to really gamify a lesson and add some fun.

Answer reveal mode enabled.

Answer reveal mode disabled.

The final major piece of functionality provide is Pacing Mode. This is the most powerful tool in the toolbox. Previously in this article, we talked about teachers being able to identify issues in real time. With pacing mode, a teacher can pace all students to a problematic question and have a discussion right then and there. Furthermore, a teacher could control the pace at which students went through a test or a lesson. There are so many possibilities with pacing mode, we really can’t wait to see how different teachers incorporate into their testing or lessons. Once other fun side note, you can combine all 3 of the advanced functions. Try it out for yourself!

Wrapping Up Live Proctoring

If you’re a season pro in the classroom or just starting out, live proctoring is a feature that any teacher can utilize within their classroom. Its a really powerful tool that allows educators to get valuable data points in real-time. Don’t wait and give it a shot! If you are still not sure, be on the lookout for a FREE webinar on our live proctoring.

For those of you who have used our live proctoring feature, we want your feedback! We would love to hear about some of the things you liked and some of the things that need a bit of improvement. Click on the “contact us” link in the footer or drop us a line at