Regal Education Built a Content Library into the Classify Learning Platform

The problem

Previously, Regal Education had a technology solution that was not meeting their needs or their customer's needs for a digital platform. Regal Education needed to deliver digital content paired with a testing strategy related to a curriculum they put together for their customers. Not only did they need the delivery of digital content, but they needed the ability for customers to report or data/results based off assessment data collected by the platform.

how we solved it

Because Regal Education needed to deliver digital content, we worked to partner with a digital content delivery company. This company was selected by Regal Education, but had the capability of interfacing with our platform to make sure content was delivered to the customers of Regal Education. We also worked with the Regal Education team to transcribe 100s of assessments into the system. These assessments went across multiple grade levels and were tied to common core standards. Finally, we worked closely with the Regal Education team to understand how their customers might operate a little different than our normal customer base. We worked on a plan on how they can train their customers on our platform and how to understand the data we are collecting.

the process

Step 1: Work to Customize the Platform to Meet Regal Education's Needs

The first thing we needed to do was understand how Regal Education wanted to customize the platform for their customers. This process was done in 2 parts; integrating their color scheme and graphics, integrating their digital content platform. We worked closely with the Regal Education team to implement their visual customizations and make the look and feel match what they were doing on their main corporate site. The final step of customization was around work with MozaWeb, who was their digital content delivery partner. Classify Learning built a custom integration to work with MozaWeb's digital bookshelf and licensing technology. We were able to build a seamless integration with MozaWeb so customers did not have to authenticate into another platform.

Step 2: Transcribe Assessments Content into the Classify Learning Platform

Regal Education had 100s of assessment that varied in size and complexity. We developed a plan/schedule to work with Regal Education to transcribe a block of tests and submit them for review. Once the review was completed, the customer would tag each items with the appropriate standard and make any minor tweaks through our easy to use content management interface. Once Regal Education approved the block of work, Classify Learning would publish the block of assessments for use by their customers. This became an easy rinse and repeat process until we were able to finish all the requested transcribing work.

Step 3: Implement an Onboarding Process that Worked for Regal's Use Case

Each customer base is different. Each customer base will have a specific set of needs in order to for them to feel successful. In order to support Regal's customer base, we created a unique onboarding process. Regal Education employees need a promo code system that they could deliver to customers in order for them to perform a self signup process. A number of customers do not have a SIS where they can export their data and import it into our platform. So to solve this problem, we allow Regal Education to distribute single-user or multi-use promo codes that students and teachers can use during the signup process. The promo code would slot the user into the correct user group and assign them to the correct school. This made the onboarding process much more flexible for the Regal team and helped support the variety of needs for their customers.

Step 4: Help Create a Sale Pitch and Training Modules

Classify Learning helped train Regal Education on all the important features we have to offer when it comes to assessments, benchmarks and our LMS. It was important for Regal Education to understand the scope of feature and how to talk about them correctly during their own sales calls and training sessions. Classify Learning spent a lot of time review our assessment process and the data that we collect coming out of a benchmark assessments. Regal Education is able to expertly talk about the Classify Learning platform and help their customers plan for different outcomes based off the data collected within the platform.


Since implementing their application on the Classify Learning platform, Regal Education has been ramping up the onboarding process and have been able to focus on getting more users on the platform. They have been able to lock down a process for getting students and teachers onto the platform. This all has led to an increase in the number of customers they have been able to bring onto the platform.

what they said

I have been working with Classify for almost a year. The overall experience is very positive, and the platform is easy to use, very intuitive and has an ample amount of options. The team is great and pleasant to work with.

Maria C.
Educational & Training Consultant