New Classrooms Builds Custom Application with Classify Learning Platform

The problem

New Classrooms needed to provide a platform interface for their customers that could scale and expand with growing demand from the market. They needed to focus attention on building the engines that powers their roadmaps product while partnering with a company that was best in class when it came to an EdTech platform.

how we solved it

Classify Learning spent countless hours understanding the specific needs of New Classrooms. We worked with New Classrooms to build out a product roadmap that met their needs and expectations. We put together a talented team of developers to build out all the required functionality for the project to get the Teach to One Roadmaps product to market.

the process

Step 1: Understand the What

The first step we had to do is understand what is was the New Classrooms wanted to build. Not only did we need to understand what they immediately wanted to build, but also see where they wanted to go in the future. During the planning phase, we worked next to New Classrooms team members to determine deliverables and how those items fit into different blocks of time. (these were called sprints)

Once all items were placed in sprints, we were able to build out a timeline. This timeline served as a guide to New Classrooms on when they could reasonably expect delivery of different features. This also allowed New Classrooms to set priorities for different features in the product that may be more important than others.

Step 2: Determine the How

Once we had a full understanding of what it is we are going to build, we need to determine how we were going to achieve those goals. Based on the amount of work, we built a custom development team to that would work exclusively with New Classrooms to get the work done. We had to grow from one team to multiple teams working on different aspects of the application.

Our front-end team was working on the presentation layer of the application. This part of the application is customer facing and what New Classroom's users will interact with directly.

Our back-end team worked extremely close with the New Classroom's development team. While the New Classroom's development team was building the roadmaps engine, the Classify Learning engineers were building out a deployment pipeline and architecture to host all the required components/containers.

Step 3: Deliver Results

Not only did Classify Learning build and deploy the applications, but we needed to work with New Classrooms to analyze the data we were collecting from the application. This data would help determine which new features we should tackle next and give an overview to the general success of the application.


New Classrooms has a growing product on their hands. Year over year, the product has grown in usage and we continue to support their growing needs around new functionality and scaling the product to work with a larger customer base. New Classrooms has used some of the new functionality we built to secure additional funding for the project and growing their internal team.

what they said

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