How Saint John's School Achieved Operational Efficiency With Our New Platform

The problem

Saint John's School was using an outdated system for managing student learning and performance, resulting in manual processes that took up a significant amount of time and effort from both teachers and administrative staff. There was also a lack of transparency when it came to student performance, making it challenging to provide individualized support to students.

how we solved it

Saint John's School needed a more efficient way of delivering digital assessments to their students without a ton of training for their teachers and staff. They also needed a way to easily collect data on the results of their assessments to make data driven decisions on how to plan for future educational curriculum for their students. Classify learning was introduced as the new EdTech platform for Saint John's School. The platform provides an all-in-one solution for managing student learning and performance, making it easier for teachers and administrators to monitor progress and provide personalized support to students. It integrates with the school's existing systems, eliminates manual processes, and provides real-time feedback and goal-setting capabilities.

the process

Step 1: Initial Training for Teachers and Administrative Staff

The implementation process started with initial training sessions for teachers and administrative staff. The sessions were designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the platform and its capabilities. During these sessions, the participants learned about the various features of the platform, such as student performance tracking, goal setting, and real-time feedback.

Step 2: Customization of the Platform

Once the training sessions were completed, the implementation team worked closely with the pilot group of teachers and students to customize the platform to meet the school's specific requirements. The team gathered feedback from the pilot group and used it to make the necessary adjustments to the platform. The aim was to ensure that the platform met the school's needs and was easy to use for teachers and students. One such customization was modifying performance bands to match their predefined cut points and what they considered mastery.

Step 3: Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support was provided to address any questions or concerns that arose during the implementation process. The implementation team remained available to assist with any technical or operational issues. They also provided regular updates to ensure that the platform remained up-to-date and in line with the latest technologies.


Since implementing Classify learning, Saint John's School has achieved operational efficiency and improved student performance. Teachers have reported a reduction in the time spent on administrative tasks and an increase in the time spent on delivering education. Students are now receiving the individualized support they need to reach their full potential.

what they said

"Classify Learning offers easy access to the dashboard, assessments, and downloadable reports. The reports are very useful and clear to understand. Most importantly, the service our school has received has been exceptional. Emails and requests have been answered promptly. The tech support team has always resolved any issues and even added new features based on our wish lists and requests."

Carmen O.
Data Implementation Specialist