September 12, 2022

Matrix Rubrics that are Now Standards Based

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Classify Learning has used matrix rubrics in the product for quite some time. However, we recently made an update to allow users to assign standards to each individual criteria within a matrix rubric. Read through the enhancement details here to learn more.

Classify Learning has been hard at work getting a couple new features ready for this school year. One of the features that we just released is matrix rubrics with standards aligned criteria. You have a lot of flexibility when creating matrix rubrics and how the standards reporting shows up in our pre-built reports.

  • You can assign an individual standard to a single criteria.
  • You can assign multiple standards to a single criteria.
  • You can reuse the same standard(s) across multiple criteria.

If you haven’t seen our matrix rubrics before, checkout a few screenshots below:

Managing a Matrix Rubric
Creating and editing a matrix rubric.

Grading View of a Matrix Rubric
Grading with a matrix rubric.

Student View of a Matrix Rubric
Student view of a matrix rubric during a test.

We have a few more updates/enhancements we want to make in regards to our matrix rubrics. We are currently working on a report that is specific to our matrix rubrics. We have received a few requests to view the breakdown for each criteria and the level distribution across the entire assessment. In the meantime, we are happy to report that we have some other exciting updates coming REAL SOON:

  • Bubble Scanning
  • Basic Rubric & Matrix Rubric Assessments
  • Live Proctoring Smart Phone Remote
  • LMS Assignments (finally!)
  • … more to come …