April 1, 2020

CenterPoint Assessments Now FREE to Try

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Classify Learning and CenterPoint education started a partnership to deliver the best-in-class benchmark assessments to our shared customers. Now, CenterPoint wants to offer assessments free for teachers to try during this current school year. Look here for details.

We want to do our best to support teachers and districts and their need for materials to support distance learning efforts during this unprecedented time.  Because of this, we are excited to announce that Classify Learning is now able to offer the full suite of diagnostic and interim assessments created by CenterPoint Education Solutions for FREE.  This means teachers and districts have full access to CenterPoint’s library of pre-designed assessments, which includes over 1000 items in English language arts for grades K – 11 and mathematics for grades K–8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.

CenterPoint’s flexible assessment tools have been built with the classroom teacher in mind: assessments that are a part of learning, not a break from learning. CenterPoint believes “in fewer, shorter, higher-quality assessments that measure what matters and yield the evidence teachers need to make meaningful instructional decisions for students.”

Classify Learning’s powerful assessment platform combined with CenterPoint’s standards-based assessment solutions will help teachers reliably and confidently answer the questions, “What progress are students making toward grade- level, end-of-year standards?” and “What comes next for student learning?”

For more information on CenterPoint Education solutions, you can visit their website at https://centerpointeducation.org/.